Saturday, 30 January 2016

A Year of Marvellous Ways and More

 Since my last post about setting up an online book club (which seems to be popular with  a few, so watch this space!) I finished reading possibly one of the most beautiful stories I have ever come across.

I stumbled across this book in Waterstones and was drawn to the front cover (I know, how shallow!). Reading the blurb on the back I was not initially taken by it, but skipping through the first couple of pages I saw some potential so treated myself. 

Wow am I glad I did! 

This book opened up a whole new genre I'd never even thought of, 'Magical Realism'. Doesn't that just sound amazing? I would say it describes my general state of mind in day to day life; real, but slightly off in its own little world..... anyway.....

So, if your a reader who likes a story then I'd say perhaps you might struggle with the development of this plot line. It skims in and out of now and then, this person to that person and creates a real diverse tale of the characters lives that only really makes sense at the end.

When I read the title of this story I thought it meant a year of wonderful events, but no. Marvellous Ways is a PERSON! She's an old lady who lives in a gypsy caravan on the banks of cove with a floating church and boat house. She's so connected to the earth when she breathes it sounds like the wind in the trees, when she smiles the flowers blossom and her laughter sounds like bird song- how very poetic of me!

The story of her life is told in snippets of her story telling and why she is the way she is, why people have found her and why she believes she's a mermaid.

There are some truly beautiful one liners and quotes that make you want to grab a pen and some pretty paper, write them down and give them as gifts to loved ones. 

If you want to discover a new way of reading and learn a little about yourself, read this. I promise you wont regret it.

So what now?

 Well I'm glad you asked because two beauties of books turned up on my doorstep today, these being the quirky cartoon creation by Jessie Cave (Lavender Brown from Harry Potter) 'Love Sick'. Basically this is going to be a pick up and flick through as I please book, its full of doodles by Jessie that express her feelings towards love, life, friends and the general things that we ponder everyday but don't share. 

 My next 'reading' book is 'The Versions of Us' by Laura Barnett. I can't wait to get into this! It was suggested after I added A Year of Marvellous Ways to my read section on goodreads. The blurb tells me its based on a couple and the development (or not) of their relationship set in the 1960's, but there are three different versions of this based on the events that occur (something to do with a rusty nail?!?)....Ooooo!!

Anyway my reading window is calling, the Ercol Daybed looks inviting and my big, chunky knit pink cardi beckons me. I have shopping to do, uni work to research, work out to do and a shower to have. But for the next hour this where you'll find me:

P.S, come find me on goodreads: Kim Flisher

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