Saturday, 16 January 2016

The Little Things

 Today has been rather wonderful:

I finished the essays I have been writing and agonising over for the past month
I woke up warm- a difficult thing to do in a Rayburn heated house
I went for ANOTHER run (my running shoes are going to go on protest soon)
I planted the Daff bulbs gave me for Christmas
And I spent time outside feeling lucky.

 The picture really doesn't do the view justice. It was stunning- even my car and feeding trough couldn't spoil it, although the sheep which would have really added to it were not interested in a photo shoot.

I'm not a gardener by any stretch of the imagination, but I just about handled potting these Daff bulbs- yes I know it's a tad late, but hopefully sitting in the window will encourage them to bloom even if it is a little later.
Neither me nor my farmer man can quite believe how GREEN everything is right now. Usually this time of year is very grey and dull. However the fields and our garden are growing like crazy and the grass needs cutting of all things!!
 It's days like these that are important for me to store in my memory bank, because living on a farm in winter is hard; its cold, muddy, windy, dark and just very grim at times. I look forward to the sun every year as it transforms not only the farm, animals and activity, but also my positivity. 
 I hope that where ever you are you take the time to find a slice- no matter how small- of the bright moments among the murky. 


  1. Yup, things are growing here too (although it's just got a whole lot colder this weekend). Yesterday was lovely though- bright sunlight :o)

    1. It's been very crisp around here too, looks beautiful out a window but not as much fun when having to de-ice the car!

  2. I know the grass around our fruit trees is long and lush and growing nicely, if only we could find a way to get the sheep on there, but it's open to our Veggie Patch and they would trample and decimate it within minutes :-(

    I also have a Daffodil about to flower, which would be a record if it weren't for the fact that our next door neighbour put a photo on Facebook of one of hers flowering on Christmas Day!

    1. Oh gosh, just last year our strawberries were a day or two away from being perfect and then the goat got into the garden and munched the lot!

      The Daffs around the farm are just started to poke their heads through, I must admit I'm looking forward to abit of colour after such a damp few months!