Saturday, 23 January 2016

Lazy Friday

 Being a student I like to take advantage of having free time when everyone else is hard at work (I'd like to add that I DO work hard, but as a student nurse my timetable is all over the place) and go to the places that are usually mega busy at weekends but fairly quiet weekdays. It's not that I'm not sociable (well not entirely!) I just like to take my time and not feel rushed.

 So yesterday me, my friend and her freshly baked baby (sqeeee!) decided to treat ourselves tea and lunch at the local Tearoom. 

The Cosy Kettle sits on the main through road in Hamstreet and (oddly) has a tattoo studio above it. It's just as well they don't serve alcohol as I can imagine some badly made tattoo related decisions may be made ;)

I love that they serve the milk in tiny milk bottles, I would have absolutely no use for them at home but that doesn't stop me wanting a couple!

I decided on a root vegetable soup, served in a rather snazzy pot. It was delicious and I must admit I'm quite keen to have a go at making my own.

They also have a little shop, selling local homemade bits and bobs, they did little packages that contained everything you needed to make your own goody which I will remember for birthdays!

 It was a really lovely couple of hours and I would highly recommend the Cosy Kettle if you ever visit the Romney Marsh. They make and sell their own (AMAZING!!) cakes, cookies and milkshakes, but after all that tea and soup I couldn't handle a mighty slice of chocolate fudge..... gives me an excuse to return though ;)

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