Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Your Escape

 The latest edition of Molly Makes:

 If there was ever a magazine that you could open the pages and step into, this would be my choice. It's beautiful photos full of pastel creations, quirky ideas and twee craft rooms are my escape.

 I escape from the housework and essay writing to visit the world that I so desperately want to be apart of, but lack the needle and paint skills to do so. Oh I've got ALL the ideas, but they're stuck in my head, they wont trickle down my neck, through my arms and into my fingers. 

 Training to be a nurse my routine is very rigid, as is the job I do. No room for error, creativity has no place apart from how to administer a funky tasting medicine to a reluctant 2 year old! So you see, this is my little slice of a life I would have been apart of had I chosen a different path. 

 What's your escape? Reading? Writing? Dancing? I love hearing about what inspires people.

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