Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Book Club?

 If- like me- you think you spend way too much time on social media sites looking at pointless quizzes that tell you what colour/animal/element/tree/any other obscure object you are, or know more about your colleagues Aunties ex husband than is more than decently respectable, then perhaps you would be interested in this idea?

For  a while I've been toying with the idea of setting up a 'little library' which is basically a box full of books stuck in the middle of a town or village where people can pick up a book and donate their own, thus creating a little society of book readers sharing their old and unwanted books. However this is expensive and you always run the risk of either people misusing it or vandalising it.

 So instead.....

Shall we set up an online version? 

 Create a facebook group where people can display the books they would be happy to swap with another member? All personal details would be kept between the swappers and no money would exchange hands? All postage would be paid for (if posting) by the individuals?

 I have a ton of books that I have read to death and would love to give away to people who I know would enjoy them as much as I have. They are well thumbed, mostly not new, but books are not destined to stay shelf perfect. They are meant to be loved by many- what's the point in reading an amazing story and then keeping it to yourself?

 So this is me testing the waters. Let me know if you fancy taking part and I will keep you updated on any progress. 

 I think it would be a wonderful way to encourage people away from social media and the mind numbing nothingness it creates.

 I hope you do too :)

A (VERY) small collection of the books I would like to share, wouldn't it be great to explore the different genres of books you never thought you'd enjoy until you were given the chance to swap and explore?


  1. This is what we have in many cities across N. America. Maybe you could start something like this where you are.

    1. These are fantastic examples of what I wanted to create! I had a quick search for what was available in the UK and found them to be quite expensive to set up. My worry with something such as this would be the misuse of it. I'd hate to put so much effort into something and have it either vandalised or misused. The idea of everything being online allows people more control and security of its use, also if people from around the UK or even wider took part you would get a huge selection of books!

      Thankyou very much for the links, it's lovely to see that they are popular in other parts of the world :)