Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Running Sunrise

 You know those people who claim that they 'enjoy' running, well don't tell anyone but I think they may be  telling porkies! Don't get me wrong I understand the whole release of endorphins as a result of increased heart rate and use of muscle, I've felt that and I know it's a real kick to feel that you've done something good for your body. But the continuous movement that running involves is just, well- boring!!

 Dance exercise, yoga, swimming, trampolining, football, tennis... they all give you variety, you can spice it up abit. But running: Right arm, left leg- left arm, right leg, and repeat. All you have to do is look at long distance runners on the TV: their faces screwed up in what (to me) looks like pain, sweat dripping down their face, gulping in great big lung fulls of air, grunting with effort and when they cross the finish line they practically collapse into a coma!


Having said that. I went for a run the other morning!

 I did the NHS couch to 5k last year after doing no more than running a few meters to catch the odd train -and nearly dying in the process! I would like to say that I enjoyed it, I didn't. I did it because I'm a stubborn individual who wouldn't admit defeat. Ever since I've tried (and mostly failed) to do a 5k run a week to keep up my stamina and beat my personal best time (30 minutes). 

 The ONLY good thing about going for a run where I live is the scenery. It's beautiful and this particular run produced some amazing views,

 It was 7am on a very chilly and frosty morning when I crawled out of bed and put on my running gear. It was just starting to get light as I left the house and the birds greeted me as I squelched out the field. It was a tad nippy, but after a 5 minute warm up walk I barely felt the bite of the wind. 

 I ran without music, normally I have some sort of poppy or clubby tune to get me motivated and pace myself too. But today I felt the harsh music would tarnish the stillness of my surrounds and muddy the experience with Rudimental crooning in both ears.

 I watched as the sun came up over the horizon and cast shadows over ploughed fields and gave the sparse grass a vibrant shine. It made a lovely change to be greeted by the sun, instead of the rain that seems to be hanging round like a bad smell these days.

 I was surprised by how quick the murky purple haze of dawn gave way to the beautiful bright yellow that has the ability to turn any dour mood into a sing song number of a musical. 

 The sheep certainly seemed to enjoy the new warmth that was bouncing around the field, this is probably because they have been trudging round a muddy field, bogged down by their damp, heavy fleeces for a good 3 weeks now. 

 I maintain that I did not enjoy the process of this run, I was a hot sweaty mess (not an attractive one!) by the time I got home and for the next two days my legs will remind me that they also did not enjoy being pounded against tarmac so early in the morning. 

 Hope you enjoyed this little post and it inspires you to get out there and explore the surrounding countryside (you don't have to run!), with a very polite reminder to close the gates you open into sheep fields ;)

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