Thursday, 4 February 2016

Whatever happened to PenPals?

 Ok, first and foremost I wanted to let you know that I've set up my Book Swappers page for anybody interested in joining in, discovering new stories and feeling good about sharing amazing books with other bookworms! I'd love it if you checked it out and let me know what you thought- it's all a bit new to me!

 Now, onto this post......

Did you ever have a PenPal..... do you have a PenPal now?

 I can remember as a young teenager buying the magazine SHOUT! (I think) and seeing a page dedicated to introducing people into the world of PenPalling. With pictures of the person wanting to take part, what they liked, what sort of people they wanted to connect with and all sorts of other information.

I remember thinking it was a little strange, why not just go out and make friends? I had plenty growing up on a council estate, all you had to do was put a toe outside and all your fellow roughens came running out to join you!

But now?

 Wow, would I love to receive a letter that didn't contain a depressing bank statement, or bill, or company advertising stuff to make you dread said bank statement even more!

 I've come to realise that I despise the sight of envelopes with my neatly typed name on them: LEAVE ME ALONE, I don't need you to write to me to tell me I'm poor!

 It was lovely as a child during the 3 days before your birthday because the postman delivered brightly coloured envelopes with you name written in wobbly handwriting across the front with an exciting, brightly coloured Birthday card inside!

So this got me thinking. 

I'd like to experience that again, I don't want the Postman to think I'm some sour faced, big haired woman glaring at the letters in his hand every time he pulls up next to the house! I'd like to see a pretty decorated envelope among the mundane, white, plastic window jobbies.

 I'm also looking for the perfect excuse to purchase a little vintage typewriter to tiptap out said PenPal letters, but you know...... ;)

 So, if you fancy becoming PenPals with me and spreading abit of love and excitement among your post, let me know because I'm itching to get get stuck in with my craft materials, coloured pans, uber cute sticky tape and photo printer!


  1. Hi, I used to have pen pals when I was a kid. Just stumbled on your blog, I caught the sentence about lambing somewhere and could relate as we have 250 ewes which cause somewhat of a lamb explosion! I'm in Australia, in an area of Victoria called Gippsland. I am very good at writing letters so I'd be very happy to cheer up your mail box if you wish.
    Amber and

    1. Hi Amber! We are going full pelt at lambing at the moment as the warmer weather approaches and longer days draw in. I think we're lambing about 600 ewes this year, which is certainly keeping the boyfriend busy!! When do you normally lamb?
      I'd love to be pen friends! Australia is a country that I find very intriguing so would really enjoy learning a little more about your world! I will have a looksy at your blogs, finding new content always ends in real binge reading on my part, so this might be a late night for me ;)