Friday, 12 February 2016

A disappointing (quarter) read

 I will openly admit that I have gone a little book MAD recently. It always happens when I should really be focusing on other (more important) things, but reading is a means of escape for me and clearly I have just needed a few more little escapes over the last few months.

 The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin was meant to be a feel good book, a means for me to draw ideas from and apply them to my life to make a (happy) difference. I started with the nest intentions and was looking forward to learning about other peoples happy triggers and inspiration to make a positive difference..... I got neither of these things from reading this book. 

 Now I have said in the past that you can't judge a book until you've finished it as sometimes the story is a late developer, but as this book was a) not really a story and b) just bloody terrible. I couldn't finish it, it resulted in a similar reaction to when I read (suffered!!) 50 shades of Grey: I got angry. With every turn of the page I could feel my little stress bubble in the depth of my stomach clench with frustration! I was not enjoying this book, I didn't seek it out when I had a spare moment, I didn't stay up past my bedtime to finish a chapter, in fact the only time I read it was when I forced myself on the commute to uni and even then I would get fed up after 15 minutes and sit on my phone for the rest of the journey.... not good!!

 Why didn't I like it?

 Because of the Author. Perhaps this is a very English attitude, but I cannot abide attention seeking behaviour from adults, especially when it is taking up precious paper that something far better could have inhabited. She goes on about a her need to collect 'gold stars' for her effort and this is what (in my opinion) the whole book is about: her getting praise (and a profit, of course!). 

 She is just so full of herself! 

And perhaps what annoyed me the most was the focus on HER happiness. I'm a big believer in surrounding yourself with people YOU want to make happy, who love you, who mean alot to you, because a natural occurrence from that is your own happiness. You will be happy because they are happy and they care about how happy you are. 

From what -the admittedly, small amount- I read of this book I got the distinct impression that it was all just to make abit of money. The entire book was just the first step. She goes on about a journal thing she's made for people to base their own 'happiness project' on, her blog/website..... urgh, please!

I'm not falling for it and I certainly don't understand why it was a best seller.

 I've moved onto a much more pleasing read, which of course I shall review in due course. The Happiness Project will be listed on my Book Swappers page, because I'm sure somebody out there will appreciate it....... maybe.

Until next time, I'm off to snuggle into a warm blanket with a cup of tea.

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