Monday, 8 February 2016

The Versions Of Us and home made beauties

 The Versions of Us by Laura Barnett is based on a couples love story, however it gives the reader three versions of such. The moment which defines these versions all stem from a rusty nail, a wayward dog and a puncture. While a little confusing at first (swapping between the different stories took some brain training!) this book was overall, pretty good. 

 It demonstrates that sometimes the conventional way of building a relationship is not always guaranteed to be the happiest or most successful, it challenges that 'Happily Ever After' continuum and has a lot of fun playing with 'What If' scenarios. 

 It's good, it's not the best.... but it makes you consider the different paths that your own life could have taken had you of turned left instead of right, if you had not gone to that party, if you had accepted that offer or -heaven forbid- you had said yes instead of no.

 Overall, I'd say give it a go if you are stuck in a rut with the same author or genre because it gives you an idea of what else may be out there.

 This is one of the books I will- eventually- list on my swap list over at my Book Swappers Facebook page, take a peek and join in if you fancy :)

Now onto something rather snazzy!....

 You know those annoying people that just seem to be good at everything? You know the ones, you try your absolute best to be good at something and they come along and just get it spot on first time?

Well my boyfriend is one of those people. I am immensely proud of him and love that he is one of these people, but it does wear a tad thin when YOU want to be better at something!!

 However its not all bad, especially when he comes home having made one of these beauts for our front room:

Yup, that's a rose gold, jam jar light fitting.... and it's one of FOUR that we have in our newly decorated front room.

See? Snazzy!!

 He made it by stripping off the lurid gold paint from an old, knackered light fitting and magically attaching (ok, I have no idea how he done it!) a pickled gherkin (yuck) jar we had sitting round over a light bulb. It looks amazing and cost all of £1.20 for the gherkins.

 Because the first one he made looked so good, he did have to consume a large amount of pickled gherkins in a small amount of time to do the others when we decided to do the rest, but hay!

 Make do and mend..... but only if you have one of those annoyingly talented people laying around ;)

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