Friday, 26 February 2016

The Beautiful Three

I will set the scene:

Mobile put to sleep- this is your time, not your phones

Light a candle, scented or otherwise and draw the curtains or ensure low lighting

Make yourself a drink of choice- I'm  big milky tea fan, however a rose is a little lovely...

Choose some music you love and just...





 Sounds simple doesn't it? But actually grabbing these moments to yourself without interruption or distraction can be pretty tricky at times. My big fault is feeling guilty that I'm not doing something, like housework, uni work or some other mundane but essential task. But recently I've been putting my foot down in regards to that 'busy bee' girl and letting the 'relax and listen' girl come out to play. 

 I try to listen to three songs without focusing on anything else other than the lyrics, rifts, emotions evoked from the music and how I can feel my breathing slow and my heart rate settle. 

These are my Beautiful Three:

 Gentle strumming, flowing rift and sweet words (and a little relaxing humming)

Echo. echo, beautiful echo and a instumental that leaves you feeling silently powerful

An old favorite, but one of my most loved. Dramatic in a way only Florence can be and evoking in a way that is unique to all.

I hope you enjoy my Beautiful Three, I'd love to know yours I love discovering new artists and bands.


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