Monday, 23 May 2016

Slow and Happy Living

Before you read this post I'm going to ask you to do something really clique:

Take a deep breath in,

Look up from the screen 

and notice something.......

breath out.

 What did you notice? 

 I noticed that the train I'm on was clackiting past a meadow field. If I hadn't of told myself to do the above, I would have missed it. I wouldn't have thought 'oh, that's really colourful' or 'I'd like to walk there'. I would have missed out, I would have continued to tip tap on the keyboard while something really pretty passed me by with no recognition. 

Now answer me this: do you feel calmer?

 I do. Because I saw something outside of my immediate little world and that's refreshing. Its a relief to know something else exists and has a purpose outside of my life. I find that comforting somehow.

I've been doing this alot lately; taking stock of the wider world rather than shutting down and retreating into my hectic, unorganised land. I know why, its because I've come to the end of my degree and can afford to take a step back, loose my concentration and appreciate things which aren't essay or placement or exam orientated. 

 I have to admit, I am so happy to have come to the end of this journey. I have loved learning to be a nurse, I have found it incredibly rewarding, heartbreaking and enlightening. But it wasn't really within my comfort zone; I like home, not travelling up to London for 12 and a half hour shifts. I like to explore, not be cooped up inside in front of a computer writing an essay I do not understand. I like to spend time on my own listening to music, not surrounded by revision papers with pathophsiology and observation parameters.

 I suppose what I'm trying to say is that I feel free. I feel like I'm getting back to who I am and reconnecting with my surroundings.

 The point of this blog post is to raise awareness of the importance to take time to be slow in life. To stop rushing round, trying to get stuff done last minute and falling over your own jumbled thoughts. Just slow down- I'm not saying stop, because at the end of the day things need to be done and completed- and evaluate what you want to really do, not what you feel you should be doing.

 I've really embraced the idea of "slow living" since completing my degree, one because I now have the time to focus on it and two, because I've always been heading in that direction but my mind has never quite been in the right space to explore it fully. 

 I'm never going to be able to pull of the minimalistic lifestyle, because I love things too much. You know the stuff I mean: kick knack's, pointless but pretty objects, sentimental items- the list is endless. I don't find clutter distracting or messy, I find it interesting and a source of nostalgia to be surrounded by these things. But I like to think that just because I am unable and unwilling to live the minimalistic lifestyle, it doesn't stop me appreciating slow living.

 If this sounds like a way of life you may enjoy, then I suggest checking out the Let it Be podcast. I listen to this when I'm doing housework, going for a walk or run, feeling contemplative or just fancy being enlightened to be more aware of the parts of my life I take for granted.

 Let me know if this is something you'd be interested in hearing more about, or indeed its something you think you'd like to incorporate into your life.


  1. I really loved this. And did stop and breath and notice as you say ... and felt calmer. I noticed the sun setting in the field infront of my house. I love the last photo! I am definitely an advocate of slow living. Xx

    Best wishes to you.

    Keep Calm & Start Writing ...

    1. Aww, Thankyou Amelia :) I'm glad it helped you take a moment to relax and notice xXx