Sunday, 29 May 2016

Let's go to the Seaside...

 The past three years have proven to be perhaps the most difficult trio of my life- so far! University living did not come naturally to me and I will admit that I struggled the vast majority of the time with the academic requirements and travel. It felt alien to me, all this rush and living to a restricting schedule which didn't allow me to drift off in the way only a Pisces can (ie, totally adrift on their way to Lala Land!). 

Now however, I can!!

 To celebrate being signed off as a children's nurse, me and a friend packed our overnight bags and set off in search of Whitstable; a little seaside town in Kent that holds character by the bucket load! Funky little shops selling the most beautiful clothes, shoes, gifts, art and knick knacks. Bakeries that sing their wares of Belgium buns, gypsy tarts, deliciously stuffed pasties and bikini clad gingerbread's, as you wander along the quaint high street in search of other treasures to gaze longingly at. 

 One such shop was The Whiting Post which -as you can see- had the most amazing display of RICE home ware that I have ever seen... just look at all those colours! 

 Whitstable is also pretty well known for its Oyster festival, so it wasn't long before we stumbled upon a gigantic pile of oyster shells while blowing the cobwebs out along the sea front.

 Now, while I will admit that I'm not much of a fan of the Oyster delicacy I had to help myself to a couple of these for keepsakes, I plan to dot them around in my herb garden this year (as long as the goat doesn't help herself- again!).

 We decided to really treat ourselves accommodation wise for this little getaway. I had spotted the converted Fisherman Huts before when walking along the wooden walkway which runs parallel to the beach and had commented on how much I loved them.

 I booked Hut 11: two double beds, a tiny little kitchen and a snazzy bathroom. Perfect for me and my friend to relax in when we weren't off exploring the town and its many places to eat and drink.

 Snuggling down into this bed after a day of eating fish and chips, meandering along the sea front feeling the wind blow away all the 'uniness' of the past few years, and maybe a glass of rose (or two) was absolute bliss and waking up to the sound of gulls, the gentle lap of waves and the cheery calls of fisherman coming back to port made me so chilled and happy :)

 I plan to return to this quirky little place with my farmer in tow later on in the year, after harvest and a few months after I will have started as a fully qualified nurse in my new job (skweeeee!!). It was stunning and I really cannot recommend it enough if you fancy a little seaside getaway.

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