Thursday, 3 March 2016

The Process of Springing

 So just incase you didn't know I'm training to be a children's nurse, I'm in my third and last year and have just started my final *silently has a meltdown* placement. This is a 12 week block of working in a hospital on a children's ward. The shifts are long (12 and a half hours) the commute is a killer (2 hours each way) and the work is hard (I don't think I need to explain this- you know nurses are run off their feet). So after two days of getting up at 4:45 am and getting home at 10 pm, today was my lay in day...... I didn't get up till gone 10 this morning:


 But isn't it just sods law that they day I choose to snooze, Spring bursts into full bloom behind my closed eyelids!

 It is absolutly stunning out there today. I've got freshly washed towels on the line which are going to just smell so beautiful when I get them in, I've opened all the doors and windows in the house to let the breeze freshen up the winter must that settles in no matter how many 'Meadow Flowers' scented candles you burn. The kitchen is absolutly baking as the Rayburn is still lit- it's not yet warm enough to let it go out, so I'm hanging out in the front room with First Aid Kit melodying in the background and my latest book in hand. 

 To celebrate this sudden burst of Springness I've donned a favourite skirt and I must say, the swishy feeling of the fabric is so welcome after being confined to jeans for the last few months.

 For a winter baby I am such a summer being. I do not like to be cold, I do not like the cumbersome clothes that I have to wear in winter, I do not like to wear socks and boots, I really, REALLY don't like snow and I despise grey days. 

 My wardrobe comes alive in summer, it's full of (admittedly clashing) colours, beautiful patterns, swishy materials and quirky peices. I'm very proud of my spring/summer wardrobe and get very excited when these warmer days make an appearance because I know that as my clothes become brighter, I become more alive. I genuinely think I go into semi hibernation during the winter months, it's the time of year I have alot of down days, stress and zero energy. 

 I cannot wait for it to be warm enough that I don't have to wear anything on my feet, I do own flip flops but I am very happy to wander into the village barefoot with them swinging in my hand. I like to feel the ground, to feel connected to it. I will drag out my bike and disspaear for the day, phone left at home (I don't know what I'd do in an emergency, smoke signals perhaps?), headphones in, singing my heart out along the country lanes that serpentine through the Marsh.

 Evnings are spent eating paella on the decking with cooled rose to accompany, the fire pit that my clever cloggs boyfriend made will be roaring as the moths bumble around the candles in jars and the sunsets are on another level during July and August.

 Does this sound abit like I'm bragging? I promise I'm not, I know I am incredibly lucky to live where I do and I want to share this life with you. I hope you like it, I hope you see the beauty I do in Farm life.... even if all of these wonderful events are punctuated with hours in a hot and dusty tractor in a hot and dusty field, very long days and late nights during harvest and while there are some amazing times there are an equal measure of very difficult times when things go wrong (stupid combines straw walkers). 

 But for now I'm going to treck outside and say hello to the daffs, visit our crop fields to encourage the little shoots to grow strong and be kind to us this year, wander round my garden and feel slightly overwhelmed with the up keep that needs to take place at some point and totally ignore the mountain of uni work I have to do.

Because today, it is Spring.

Cardigan New Look not exact but pretty close
Tank Top H&M
Skirt Thrifted
Necklace Accessorise Sold Out


  1. I know what you mean about loving bare feet to feel connected to the earth... I'm exactly the same! I hate wearing shoes ^_^ The moment I get to class, I kick off my shoes straight away :D

    Your sofa is so cool and I agree with you 100% about summer time and lighter wardrobes. I always try to keep positive in the winter time, but it gets hard sometimes when every day seems to be spent indoors :P

    Good luck in your nursing ^_^ My best friend is about to start her degree in September at UWE to train to be a nurse :) Such an admirable role!

    Your writing is a delight to read ^_^ Have a lovely March

    Sarah xxo |

    1. Ah, thankyou so much for your lovely words :) I really enjoy reading your blog, even if it does make me procrastinate the hours away!

      The sofa is an Ercol that my boyfriends parents purchased in the 70's, we're guessing it was originally made in the 50's so we are mindful that we treat her with a little TLC!

      I am so looking forward to the warmer weather, we started lambing this week and nothing makes me feel more gleeful than watching the lambs gallivanting up and down the ditches, they are just so happy to be alive and everything is a game!

      I am however reminded every spring that flip flops in a lambing feild is not a good idea (poo) and invariable wander round in a gypsy skirt and big clumping boots combo!

      Enjoy the first days of Spring, bluebells soon!!! xXx