Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Happiness is....

 Ok, so lets start out with the apparent:

I may have neglected this little escape space I have created for a couple of weeks...


Here I am!

 Reason being; final semester is hard and I'm terrified of falling behind! The early mornings, coupled with the full time working hours, assignment writing, exam revising and lambing (oh GOD lambing!!) have left me wanting to do nothing but curl up underneath spring themed bed sheets and forget about having an actual life.

 Having said (moaned) about that, I am feeling rather happy. Life is like a whirlwind but I actually feel like I have a grasp on what's happening and what needs to be done. So much so that I've been able to notice the little snippets of happiness that pop up between pockets of stress and have taken the time to not only acknowledge them, but cast a little wave and smile in their direction.

So here they are, my little happiness snippets:

These retro beauties were a spur of the moment purchase after feeling very disgruntled that FatFace didn't have the ones I wanted in my size. These are a New Look jobbie and not only were they cheaper (ever the student) the lighter denim goes much better with my hair and skin tone! Win win!

Being on placement means a complete lack of makeup- something which normally would make me become abit self conscious and want to do a Mrs Doubtfire and plunge my face into sticky cake to cover the horror. But having not worn any make up AT ALL for the past few weeks my skin feels pretty wonderful and I've found that just a little moisturiser is all I reach for on my days off!
(Yes, I am aware that this photo is perhaps a little too close for comfort, however I am an over sharer and its not very often that I have a significant lack of friendly visitors (spots).) 

This is perhaps my biggest source of happiness at the moment. I got a job!!!
I cried when I was told by my very lovely new Matron that I was to be offered my absolute dream job for when I finish my nursing studies. It's based in an area of children's nursing that I have long since held a passion for and in a hospital that is very close to my home. 
I still burst with pride and happiness when I think about it, this is confirmation that I am able to aim high and climb up to reach something I had always thought was beyond my grasp :)

Yet another letter of good news!
I went for my first cervical smear test the day before my 26th Birthday. I received the reminder letter when I was 24 to book for when I was 25. I put off going for nearly a whole year because- like many others- I was afraid it was going to hurt, but my boyfriend became very blunt with me in the end and told me in no uncertain terms that I'd be a bloody idiot not to get checked. So I swallowed my niggling concerns and booked an appointment.
Now, I'm not going to sit here and bend the truth to you. It's uncomfortable. It was not a pleasant experience at all for me. However it was done and dusted in less than 30 seconds and I wont have to do it again until 2019. Most of all, I know every things ok. I have peace of mind and that is far more important than worrying about a 30 second experience where you have to bare all!

These wonderful wooden wonders are hand turned by my clever cloggs boyfriend. He is indeedy a farmer, but he is also a trained mechanic (very handy when Mini Moo doesn't behave!) and a self taught carpenter. He baught these home yesterday and I got very excited when I saw them because I am forever being treated to handmade, unique goodies..... however I am now at a complete loss as to what to use them for!

And finally....

kennack_sands-web.jpg (1300×867)

Cornish Bloggers!
I have always loved Cornwall. The first time I ever visited was when I was a few months old with my Mum and I've been back to visit countless times since. If I was in a position to move down there I would, in a heartbeat. But my home is on the farm with Ash and that has its own unique and equally beautiful lure. That doesn't stop me dreaming away the hours I spend reading such blogs as:

clams.jpg (700×500)
7aa9ff5afdec4fa1a5b640fd96e96ce9.jpg (236×236)
il_fullxfull.563435804_2tc2.jpg (650×776)

There are many, many more and I'm thinking of doing a blog post specially dedicated to them. But just to whet you appetite, have a little looksy at these and I'm sure you will waste no time in becoming as hooked as I am! These accounts provide me with little holidays on either my stupidly early and long commute, my delicious day off lay-ins and the evenings where 'American Pickers' just aint gonna cut it (not that it ever does, I just didn't win the evening remote scramble!).

Until next time, be happy :)

Image sources are available here, here , here and here 


  1. Awh thank you so much for featuring my blog! Very kind of you - I hope you get to come down to Cornwall soon! :) X

    The Cornish Life

    1. That's quite alright! Hope your having a wonderful Easter :) xx

  2. Horray for all the good news! :D Congratulations on your new job ^_^
    Also - much love for the dungarees!

    Thankyou so much for them mention ^_^ I really appreciate it! :D
    Our local farm back home is seeing lots of new, baby lambs arriving too and we've had the pleasure of bottle feeding some of the babies whose mothers don't want to feed. My partner's little brother has officially become their surrogate mother which is cute but also sad for the little lambs :(
    I think it's amazing that you've shared about cervical screenings on here too! I also had to go through the same thing recently and I felt so awkward and nervous about it. I find things like that are often kept quiet, when it's a perfectly normal part of every day health care (Which we are very fortunate to have!) and we shouldn't be ashamed ^_^ I've never seen somebody mention it on a blog so I'm very glad you have :D The more aware people are - the more comfortable/prepared they might feel to have exams ^_^

    Keep up the good work!
    Happy belated easter :P

    Sarah xxo

  3. Ah, thank you Sarah! It's always a little sad when you have sock lambs (what we call lambs with no Mum) but they tend to fare quite well in the long run. They make lovely animals for people wanting to start their own little small holding or those wanting a real life lawn mower!
    Cervical screening is something which should be introduced at a younger age for women, I personally believe. Not necessarily the smear, but the awareness of the topic in general. It can go hand in hand with education about breast cancer and how and when to check for lumps. I get a text message from BOOB HQ every month reminding me to check, little interventions such as these have the potential to make a huge difference to some young women's lives.
    I'm glad you like my dungee's, I'm a little obsessed with them and have my eye on another pair from ASOS ;)
    A happy belated Easter to yourself too, hope you are enjoying the sunshine.
    Kim xXx